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Steel Tower

Steel Tower

1. Product Category
Communication tower, microwave transmission tower, Radio and television tower, Radio tower, monitoring tower, sole steel tube tower, high-pole lamp, 99D501-1 Lightning Rod and ground wire tower ect.
2. Product Features:
Ornamental or working platform can be set up on communication tower, television tower, microwave transmission tower, transmit-receive high-capacity antenna can be installed. As compared with other wire communitioan equipment they can save a large number of iron and steel and nonferrous metals, and their cover and area are small, construction cycle is short, with greater flexbility, suitable for building roofs, mountainous area, plains, coastal islands and complex-terrain regions.
3. Product Function
Communication, lightning-protection, monitoringsurvey, lightning, ornament, aviation warning signs etc., be widely used in radio & television, mobile communications, civil aviation, army, meteorology, electric power, metallurgy, post and telecommunications, aerospace, environmental protection, petroleum, chemical industry, traffic, tourism and municipal engineering etc..
4. Product design, materials, structure, manufacturing, installation and after-sale service
a. Design wind speed 28m/s---50m/s
b. Anti-earthquake grade: 8. And we design different structure and all kinds tower with different height.
c. Made of Q235 steels (steel pipe, steel plate, wire rod), frame or materials of whole particular tower and tower with high bearing capacity are made of 16 Mn steel.
d. Tower section is sole tube, triangle, quadrilateral or polygon net structure.
e. standardized production assembly line operations in factory, transportation in finished products
f. To control verticality by regulator when set up tower framework, rational lightning-protection, good ground connection.
g. Whole tower will be maintained and overhauled annually after being set up, create and keep maintaining record of every tower.
h. Mainly adopt hot-dip galvanized, zinc spraying and fluorocarbonon spraying as preservative treatment of tower surface.
5. Carried standard and regulations
a. <Design parameter for towering structure > GBJ135-90
b. <Architectural structure load norm> GB50009-2001
c. < Acceptance specificaion of Construction Quality for steel structure work> GB50205-2001
d. <Technical code for application of Fire retardant coating of steel structure > CECS24-90
e. <Welding regulation for steel building structure > JGJ81-91
f. <Design parameter for Building groundsill basis> GB50007-2002
g. <Design parameter for anti-earthquake of buildings> GB50011-2001
h. <Design code for lightning-protection of buildings> GB50057-94
i. <Technical specification for microwave transmission tower> YD/T757-95

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