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Ligntning-protection wire tower

Ligntning-protection wire tower

Ligntning-protection wire tower
Ligntning-protection wire tower Ligntning-protection Ground wire (conductor) tower and Earth mat

1 Description of Ligntning-protection Ground wire (conductor) tower
Neotype series of Ligntning-protection Ground wire (conductor) tower have been indited into nation standard <Installation Atlas for Building lightning-protection Facility > numbered 99D562. mainly used in lightning-protection of munition, explosive substance, bulk storage plant. Its protection domain is 5---10 times as common lightning-protection tower can cover. Its cost is only 60% of that spent on the common protection tower when the two tower provided the same protection in indentical area, and it has overcome lightning-protection problems in the external space of bulk storage plant and hugebuildings. By so far more than 700 ligntning-protection Ground wire (conductor) tower have been operating in munition chemical systems.

2 Description of omnidirectional beacon reverberatory net (DVOR)
a. Product presentation
Key structure: composed of steel brace, steel mesh, circuit orbit, 51-union radiation oscillator antenna mast, lightning-protection rod, range finder, DME, antenna mast, DVOR antenna mast, monitoring aerial etc.; Main body in hot-dip galvanized, steel mesh coated by zinc spraying, spraying painting as preservative treatment; all rod pieces of reverberatory net are jointed by standard parts, easy to install and debug, short construct periods, safe and with high reliability, low-cost, convinient for moving, long using life and with no need for maintaining.
b. Technical requirement
I. steel structure is designed to bear max wind speed 40m/s, and to bear earthquake grade: 8.
II. orbit radius is 6750mm, levelness of steel mesh is ±5mm; the distance from antenna top to the plane of main part is 1165mm; height and diameter of steel mesh plane can be specially designed, manufactured and installed according to customers’ requirement.
III. Adopt ratio-frequency welded steel tube and seamless steel tube as braces, jointed by ring flange and screw bolts.

3. Outstanding Engineering Achivement
At present, 90 reverberatory net (DVOR) have been normally operating in the civil aviation, air force system, and get the praise from leaders of CAAC(Civil Aviation Administration of China), Northwest bureau, Huabei bureau, Huadong Bereau and Xinjiang bureau of civil aviation.
Achivement in part:
Northwest Air Traffic Control Bureau of Civil Aviation, West Airport, Beijing office of USA Century Engineering, Datong Airport, Pizhou Airport, Lanzhou Zhongchuan Civil Airport, Huangshan Branch of Anhui Airport Group, Wuhai Airport Co. Ltd., The Third Research Institution of Air Force, Zhengding Airport of Civil Aviation Construction Headquarters, Eerduosi Airport, Yantai Airport, Capital Airport, Yanliang Airport for Trial Flight, Shijiazhuang Airport.

4 Design, manufacturing, installation and after-sale service
Designs conform to <Architectural structure load norm> GB50009-2001 < Acceptance specificaion of Construction Quality for steel structure work> GB50205-2001 < Norms of setting up venues for aeronautical radio navigation station and Air Traffic Control Radar Station > MH/T4003-1996 and other relevant national and industrial technical standards and criteria. Standardized production assembly line operations in factory, transportation in finished products, perpetual preservative treatment, installation conforms strictly to installation specifications, will be maintained and overhauled termly after being set up, and create and keep maintaining record of every products.

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