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Hengshui Guangsha Tower Industry Co., Ltd.

A professional manufacturer of Communication tower, Steel Tower, Transmission tower...

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Hengshui Guangsha Tower Industry Co., Ltd. The total manpower of the company is 1100,  We specialized in manufacturing series of communication towers, microwave towers, radio and television tower, lightning-protection tower, omnidirectional beacon reverberatory net (DVOR), multifunctional building-roof artistic ornament steel tower, artistic ornament steel tower and large-scaled landmarks; can design and produce UHV steel pole(AC 1,000kV, DC±800kV), all voltage levels of transmission line steel tower, steel tube pole, substation structure and communication tower; and produce light-weight and heavy steel structure, steel space frame structure, steel-structure bridges, tower-and-mast steel tower, specially precise steel structure. The company has a full-scale concept and system for quality assurance, it was ISO9001:2002 certified in 1998 and rechecked successfully by Beijing Chinese Quality Association; in the beginning of 2001, which make the products have a high standard quality assurance...

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  Factorybuilding Steel Structure   Steel Structure of Substation   Hot-dip galvanization

Factory Building Steel Structure


Steel Structure of Substation


Hot-dip galvanization

  Used in industrial buildings, warehouse, supermarket, multistory steel structure buildings...   We assure the welding quality of steel structure and galvanization and firmness. ...  

We set up our own hot-dip galvanization workshop to guarantee the galvanization quality...


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Communication Tower

Communication Towers is featured in wide application, standardized design, matured technology...

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Steel tower for electric power

 It has been widely used in electric power. The steel tube towers are widely used in both domestic and foreign market...
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Transmission tower

Transmission Tower is a kind of steel frame to brace electric power transmission line. Angle tower is featured in wide application ...
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Radio and television tower

Radio and television tower is mainly used in radio and television antenna installation...
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steel pole

Steel Pole

Steel Pole has been widely used in the city and town power grid construction and communication.
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Ligntning-protection wire tower

Ligntning-protection Ground wire (conductor) tower and Earth mat Description ...
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Artistic ornament steel tower

Artistic ornament steel tower

Mainly to beautify city and building, provide striking key points of soaring builddings...

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